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(God's Gift) Magg0t
11 June 2008 @ 06:28 pm
Poo tonight. Brace yrselves.
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(God's Gift) Magg0t
25 February 2008 @ 03:35 pm
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(God's Gift) Magg0t
05 February 2008 @ 08:53 pm
I'm interviewing for a management position at the Warminster GameStop on Thursday. Wish me luck!
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(God's Gift) Magg0t
20 December 2007 @ 08:23 am
Ganked from bdu:

“The civil libertarians among us would rather defend the constitution than protect our nation’s security.”
- Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama

Republitarianism whaaaaaat? TAKE MY RIGHTS, PLZ!
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(God's Gift) Magg0t
22 September 2007 @ 10:29 pm
Meet lil Commander Riker!

What a handsome fellow!

He must be cuddled AT ALL TIMEZ.

His hobbies include hiking, camping, playing trombone, and not being wet.

...He said NOT being wet, god dammit.

Commander Riker is brought to you all the way from the Philadelphia naval shipyards by Crazy Cat Lady of Churchville.
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(God's Gift) Magg0t
15 September 2007 @ 08:13 am
Ok, this is probably a long shot, but anyone know a good website to find cat breeders? I'm looking for a scottish fold breeder that isn't too terribly far from the Philly area. Somehow I thought there'd be like... more.
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(God's Gift) Magg0t
14 August 2007 @ 10:05 am
So I gotta say, working in Huntingdon Valley is soooo much better. The girls and all at Plymouth Meeting were very nice but the lack of ANYthing to do and the distance was driving me up the wall. HV is a much bigger store, so I have plenty of stuff to do to keep myself occupied, and the drive is 30 mins max, more like 15-20 when I come back at night. Plus, since I take Hatboro Rd, I get to pass Tanner's every day, which means an unlimited supply of delicious chocolate milk! w00t! This meeting on Thursday is gonna suck ass though. I wish they could've picked somewhere a little closer.

So we're taking vacation the 2nd week of October, tentatively. Now just gotta figure out what to do... I doubt Vegas is going to be functional this time around. Oh well, I don't care what I do as long as I'm not at work.

Anyway... Laundry time!
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(God's Gift) Magg0t
09 July 2007 @ 10:26 am
So I think I've managed to escape a permanent position in Plymouth Meeting. I bitched at my DM that the drive was costing all the extra money I am making from the promotion, and apparently they don't have anywhere else to put the manager who left on maternity leave that I replaced, who is now coming back from said maternity leave, so from how it looks now, she'll be coming back to her old position and I'll be going to store 180, which is in Huntington Valley- a 20-30 minute drive as opposed to a 50-60 minute drive. Not too shabby. Plus I already know the store manager there, and the store's twice the size at least of the Plymouth Meeting one so I won't be so godawful bored all day long. I am still gonna meet with Beck's store manager, just to see if H&M is more to my liking, cuz I'm pretty sure I could get more $$ out of them, plus I could get my nose piercing back and dye my hair back to the accidental midnight blue I had before.

I am gonna end up with 3 different quality days to go to though, the girls at this store were already like "zomg u gotta come 2 ourz!" and I have the AZ one coming up on the 29th. I can't wait to get plastered with all my underaged minions. And swim! And Ronna will hopefully be there so's she can meet Mr. West before she can't get out of the house anymore- hopefully that won't happen really but who knows, her foot ain't so great, and for the length of time she's been bitching at me about that nonsense, I suppose she deserves an introduction.

Went to Target yesterday and got all sorts of delicious housewares... Rice steamer, wok, a very tasteful lamp for the speaker in the living room, if I do say so myself, kitchen towels, new shower head, a replacement for the cracked closet door mirror, a glass and chrome shelving unit for over the toilet, and a tension rod with baskets for the shower that very nearly thwarted me- I spent a good 20 minutes trying in vain to shove it into place but it won't quiiiite fit between the tub edge and ceiling- I tried taking out a section of rod but then it was too short. However, Steve has a hacksaw, so we're going to chop it and make it fit. I could have spent tons more money there if I'd had time (and money). They had the perfect wire shelving unit we talked about for the kitchen, plus barstools for the kitchen counter that matched the sofa perfectly. I swear I could shop for housewares until I collapsed from exhaustion. It's nice to have somewhere to place them that doesn't look like shit, too. The only really hardcore thing left in here to do is paint the hallway ceiling. I'm also wondering if there's some kind of wire guard that will work over a carpet, cuz one of these days I am gonna trip over this shit and crack my head open. Hopefully in the next day or so we will order my armoire, I need to not have my clothes sorted by what bag they're in. Even though its sortof expensive I hope we do go with the Ikea one we picked out, it's quite tasteful and can always be added onto later, if he wants to get rid of that chest of drawers or ends up going to a bigger, non-Rosemary-situated condo.

Damn that Rosemary.

Gonna try to make it out to Electroluxx again this week, and hopefully p00 the next two weeks after that, unless I move stores and my schedule gets changed. Nice to not have to wrangle around graveyard shift.

Also, if anyone is interested, we're going to be taking a jaunt down to
Six Flags

this Saturday. Right now it's me, Steve, Beck, Danno, and Halstead and Ristman haven't been confirmed but I don't know why they wouldn't go. So, go with us!
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(God's Gift) Magg0t
04 July 2007 @ 02:28 pm
It's always nice when your stifled worries that someone is a lying sack of shit are undeniably confirmed.

I really need to stop questioning my own judgment.

Bye now.

p.s. I heart pissing off stank hoes.
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